Promotion Analytics

FMCG business is under tremendous pressure to drive sales and improve the margins. Promotions are a powerful way to attract consumers/customers and drive sales but are very complicated to implement effectively. Consumer/customer promotions such as price promotions, value promotions are designed with different objectives and are also dependent on product maturity. It is difficult to evaluate which advertising will work and which will not. Consumer Promotions is an expense to sell which impacts the profitability of the product. In this challenging scenario to optimize sales growth, promotions and margins, continuous tracking and evaluation of advertisements have become an integral part of promotion planning.

Planning, execution, evaluation, and optimization are the steps of promotion analytics cycle. 5ONE Analytics supports various businesses not only with descriptive but also with predictive promotion planning. We incorporate all possible levers that impact sales through promotion and customize the solutions according to the company. 5ONE Analytics has adopted following roadmap on promotion analytics- Promo design and Investment, Promotion impact, Promotion Return on Investment.