In an Internet of Things(IoT) world, everything is connected – from consumers in the sensor adapt environments with the companies harnessing technologies like Machine Learning. In this concept of IoT, every interconnected device continuously collects & exchange data. The physical world is slowly transforming into one huge Information System (IT).

IoT Analytics is the application of Data Analysis tools and procedures to realize value from enormous volumes of data which is generated by connected IoT devices. IoT data can be considered as a subset and a particular case of big data and, as such, consists of specific heterogeneous (non-uniform) streams which must be combined and transformed to yield accurate, consistent, comprehensive, current and correct piece of information for business reporting and analysis.

5ONE Analytics helps the organization to quickly prepare and blend the machine and sensor data with other assets – such as the data from your ERP or CRM systems –to provide all the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.