Applied Econometrics

Often, the most intriguing insight comes when we connect the dots between the external data sources and the organization’s internal data sources. There are vast amounts of publicly available exterior data sources across a various economic, social & demographic parameters that can be effectively utilized, at different levels of granularity, to develop the robust opportunity mapping and strategic planning exercises.

5ONE Analytics has extracted information from clusters of data sources such as census, household panel surveys and other reports from statistics bureau across different countries.

Based upon the specific client business problem, 5ONE Analytics leverages the business solution by evaluating the potential external data sources. We have helped clients leverage such macroeconomic datasets for a diverse set of business objectives some of which are listed below:

  • Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Discovering new growth corridors
  • Market Entry Planning
  • Optimizing business Operations
  • As specific examples of applied financial Analytics, 5ONE Analytics has developed a market potential index across the districts for India for a leading consumer product company. Another instance was when we had developed a networked traffic model to help identify the economic potential of over 8000 odd railway stations.